virtual assistant-landscaper

What is a virtual assistant?

I’ve been asked that quite often. I’m a virtual assistant working out of my office instead of yours. I have my own equipment (computer, software, desk, phone, files, etc.) and run a multi-client business supplying services such as administrative tasks, graphic design, blogging, copy writing, advertising, and much more.

My niche

My niche is landscapers and those in the landscape industry. My love for gardening and beautiful landscapes got me interested in landscape design. I went back to school and got a horticulture certificate. I happened to stumble into this job while I was doing some design work for a contractor. He needed office administrative assistance in addition to design so I jumped in and took on the tasks of helping him build his business with my background in customer service and administration.

How I can help you

What kind of jobs do I do? Admin tasks consist of such things as:

  • Researching online for information the contractor might need to put together a compensation package for a new employee.
  • Writing copy for new website pages highlighting services offered
  • Researching several website companies and comparison shopping to find the best
  • social media content generation and posting
  • I plan in advance and layout blog post topics (to coordinate with the season), researching, writing, editing and posting.
  • Optimizing blog posts with SEO content on WordPress sites.
  • Planning topics and writing content, layout, editing and launching a monthly newsletter.
  • Preparing a contact form to use on your website
  • Ordering plants from a vendor at your local nursery for pick up later in the day.
  • Collecting a plant list of vendors and installing into QuickBooks
  • Calling clients for follow up after the installation. Generating reviews.
  • Working with Angie’s List, Yellow Pages, and Yellow Book on ads and copy.
  • Preparing manuals and documents

I do anything and everything you would call an administrative assistant to do back in your office while you were out in the field.

How to communicate

If you use a computer, have email, a smart phone and a calendar and know how to use google then you’ll be up and running! If texting is easiest, I can get the job done that way. Often times, clients will share docs and pictures with me on google drive. Others will send me a flash drive with photos and docs and still other clients like to use Evernote for file sharing. With today’s technology, I’m pretty much connected all the time to my phone or computer so communicating with me is easy.

How to get started

Schedule a call or send an email of what you might be interested in for your business needs. Packages start at $240 a month. It’s never too late to get organized and start delegating more tasks to a virtual assistant so you can get more business done in your day.