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Hiring a Professional Landscape Designer

Creating low maintenance landscaping can be a daunting task. If you’re not familiar with a variety of plants and how they will behave in your region, soil and microclimate you could make costly mistakes. Consulting with a professional to find out the best low maintenance landscaping choices. A landscape designer can help the homeowner facilitate the task. You will reach the satisfaction quicker and at less cost than trial and error. The initial time and cost invested outweigh the replacement expenses. 

At the initial meeting, Debbie will sit down with you to discuss your dreams and desires. We will inspect, measure, collect and document the characteristics of the area. We can design a landscape with improvements and the appropriate choices for sustainability.  A site drawing and a Pinterest board with plant photos, and explanation of each plant’s characteristics will be presented. The client will understand the seasonal characteristics of each plant.


Four Benefits Of A low maintenance landscaping

  1. Economic
  2. Environmental
  3. Social
  4. Health


Save Money with Foundation Landscaping

The placement of trees and vegetation can control the temperature extremes. Therefore, saving on the use of fuel to heat and cool by 15-50 percent. Shade trees can also slow the deterioration of driveway pavement. This will reduce the amount of maintenance needed and money out of your pocket. According to the Department of Energy, a well-designed landscape can pay for itself in less than 8 years. According to the Appraisal Institute, it will increase the price of your home. If it’s on the market, a landscape will reduce the amount of time it’s on the market. Curb appeal sells homes!


Pollinators Love your landscape too

The environmental benefits to a well-designed landscape reduce stormwater runoff and local flooding. In addition, the benefits lesson the loss of soils to erosion. Plants give off oxygen and help absorb excess water. Animals and pollinators benefit, thus benefiting mankind.

The social aspects of privacy and tranquility are the oasis we want to design in our backyards. Landscaping aids in this endeavor. Screening from noisy streets reduces stress. It gives a quiet place to enjoy outdoor spaces. Green space invites an environment for entertaining with family and friends. We create usable living space to exercise and play.


Low Maintenance Landscaping and Good Health

Bring on the good health with low maintenance landscaping. Plants filter pollutants, decrease air pollution and foster an active outdoor environment. Plants are actually shown to lower blood pressure. Also,  muscle tension is reduced and attention increased. Plantings protect from winter wind and summer heat. Trees and shrubs lower noise and air pollution. You will agree, health benefits are one of the reasons you will enjoy your garden. Vitamin D and a little dirt under their fingernails will make you feel good.

Call Debbie today for a consultation to add value to your home and health.