Virtual Assistant for the Landscape Industry

Backup Support for Your Business

Administrative | Customer Relationship Building | Business & Marketing

The Vision

OFFSHOOT Virtual Landscape Services started with a vision to help the green industry entrepreneur manage the internal admin production with minimal outlay.   With techie ambition and a love for plants, I merged the two together.

The Solution: Backup Support

I offer relief and give backup support (and who doesn’t need a little help from their friends? Right?!) So, I help my clients avoid the logistical problem of providing extra office space, equipment, programs or supplies.

Seriously! Who needs the hassle?  No time to waste, so that’s where I come in! I can help with:


Administrative Support

  • Inputting dictated estimates into QuickBooks Online or other online system
  • Updating products/services in estimating software
  • Preparing training/employee manuals
  • Web research
  • Preparing and posting content for social media, blogs, and e-newsletters
  • Writing, editing and preparing website copy
  • Making edits in WordPress and posting blog posts with SEO

Customer Relationship Support

  • Qualifying clients and receiving intake
  • Calling customers, answering questions/emails and returning calls
  • Requesting reviews for marketing and social media

Business and Marketing Support

  • Business advice and marketing suggestions
  • Discussing business goals and writing systems to implement
  • Keep focused and support business goals
  • Find and suggest training/education for company to enhance skills and offerings to grow business

How it Works

Clients schedule the time and services in custom packaged + hourly amounts on a monthly basis. It’s simple! You delegate tasks to do. I’ll teach you and give plenty of ideas on what I can do for you, no worries. Those tasks are done via the virtual systems I have in place.

Results and Relief!

At the end of the day, (drum roll please….) the administrative work will be done while you’re doing your favorite part of the job! When you check your inbox at the end of the day, boom! Your ‘to-do’ list is DONE!!! How does that sound? Uh-huh! I thought so! I see you smilin’ from ear to ear! 

What to Do Next!

If you have a very, long list of tedious tasks…..YOU are ready for a virtual assistant! 

Let’s get started on that list! Call me for a ‘discovery call’ and you’ll be relieved to have supportive backup every day at the fraction of the cost of a full time employee!

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