Have you ever gotten in your vehicle on the sales proposal day and discovered you only have half the needed information?  Is your intake lacking? Forgetting to acquire a phone number or the lead’s address. Lack of intake will make the day stressful and inefficient. Here are proven methods that make sales proposal day go more smoothly.

Sales Proposals and Scheduling

sales proposal-virtual assistant-landscaper-architect

Schedule your appointments in Google maps and share them with your team.

Setting up an intake process and form will make information simpler and more efficient. Check out my blog, Creating Systems for Efficiency: Client Intake, for my recommended intake process. Enter the intake information into the CRM system. Enter the information into the team calendar.  If the company is on a limited budget, use Google Calendar. Google Calendar allows sharing and collaborating on the schedule within the team. Label it Sales Proposals. Give each salesperson a particular color to differentiate between the team. Enter the name, phone, address, and all notes into the calendar under Sales Proposals.

Sales Proposals and Google Maps

When scheduling a week or more in advance for team members, set the date but not the time with the client. Set a deadline date to schedule these appointments (preferably a week in advance). Explain to the customer that the day will be mapped out on Google maps (for the most efficient travel time.) If a client can only see the estimator at a particular time, keep that information in the intake form and be aware of Google maps-sales proposals-landscaper-business coach-architectspecific circumstances. Another method would be to assign different zip codes for different periods of the day or week. Some estimators can be in charge of a particular area of town.  Google Calendar automatically connects with Google Maps in your cellular device.


Once the appointment slots are filled, the customer service representative or your virtual assistant can input all the addresses into Google maps and rearrange the clients into an efficient order for travel time. Google maps conveniently give details such as how long it will take to get to the next address or client. When scheduling these appointments, give the estimator the allotted time at each lead’s address. Be conscientious of the hour of the day and traffic patterns in the area when scheduling. Also, allow for refueling, lunch, and breaks and designate those in the calendar.

Sales Proposals and TouchPoints

Your virtual assistant will call the client back and inform them of the designated appointment time. Speaking with them again gives another personal touch and puts a human factor into the sales process. Having someone they can talk to or call back with a name and phone number gives them the connectivity clients desire for a good working relationship with any contractor. Send a reminder email or text when the appointment is set up.

Sometimes, traffic happens, clients talk more than the intended time allotted, or the estimator experiences a flat tire. It’s always good to have someone in the office. Or your virtual assistant can call the remaining clients to inform them of a delay or reschedule. Keeping the client informed up to and on the day of the scheduled proposal will give a good impression and leave them wanting more. Use communication skills and stay in touch with clients to build trust and ultimately land the bid.

For more office tips, check out my blogs. If you need a hand with scheduling your appointments and setting up systems, give me a call. I will put a package together to fit your needs.