Virtual Assistant Package Series_ Website Project Management

Most entrepreneurs don’t know how to plan for a website remodel or a new launch. They often find the process frustrating, delayed, and disappointing. I offer a virtual assistant package that streamlines website project management with a checklist that keeps the process on track, easier to manage, and with the best results.

I start with a website project management plan that will organize the tasks into smaller categories to get you ready for the big reveal. During each of these tasks, I can do the work needed and take the heavy lifting off your shoulders.

An Organized Website Project Management Checklist

I put together a checklist of items on an Excel or Google spreadsheet to help my clients see what is in process and dates they are due. All content, photos, images, and files can be collected together in Google Drive or Dropbox to organize and prepare for the website developer team. This way, items are not missed in transit through emails, and it keeps everything very organized. Sharing these files with the team will keep it streamline and running on schedule. Categorize within this area a folder for photos, pages, content, and information. A keyword research spreadsheet, website developer agreements, logos, login and password information, and the calendar of due dates will also be in the folder.

Marketing Strategy for a Website Launch

A well-executed website project starts with a plan! When you interview web developers, they will ask you a series of questions to evaluate your needs for business and the purpose of the website launch. So, let’s assess that topic first. Some topics you’ll want to answer are:

  • What is your niche, your market, and why should your potential clients choose you?
  • How will you promote your website? Paid advertising? Organic search? Social media?

I know these questions can be a bit daunting if you’ve never thought about this before. Sometimes, you may not even know. No worries! I can walk you through this planning session and discuss it, giving ideas and suggestions.

Business Logos and Slogans

Another essential part of the website development plan is to have in place a logo, slogans, and elevator pitch. File colors used in the logo and typography type is also helpful to have ready for the website developer. 

If you’re at the beginning stages of launching your business and don’t have a logo, I can help with that aspect too. Setting you up with my favorite graphic designer who designed mine and a few other clients I represent would be a pleasure and part of my virtual assistant packages. 

Choosing and Preparing Photos for a Website

Next, decide what types of images to display on the website and learn how to prepare the photos. If you’re starting your landscape business and you have not collected photographs of your work or services, there are a plethora of stock pictures that one can purchase and download. cloud sharing apps for website project management

Stockpile photos taken on various phones and computers can be uploaded into a folder like Google Drive or Dropbox and sorted into categories. Edits and resizing can be made afterward. The choicest photos will be on display to give a good impression to your prospects.

A Photographer or Videographer May Be Needed

If more intricate photographs are needed, organizing an outdoor nature photographer can be arranged. Preparing the area for a picture is often required and crucial to getting the best views and displays. A cleanup and extra annual color might be necessary to get the most desirable representation of your services and work. Coordinating these tasks with the client, photographer, and project manager on site is part of a virtual assistant package of services for website project management development.

Videos can also be shot at the same time to include activities and movement within the highlighted areas. Preparing content, then choosing the subject matter to complement the content, is most helpful to a photographer. Relaying specifically what angles and subject matter to capture can be identified within the content and a descriptive list made.

landscape photography for website contentResizing photos can come next if your photographer doesn’t provide this service. Ask your website developer what size photographs she recommends for your lawn and landscape website. Typically, images need to stay in the 2000 pixel range while still keeping image quality. Preparing images and resizing is another part of the virtual assistant package for website project management that I offer!

Preparing and choosing the best photos to represent your services is one of the most critical items on the list. Visually, the website is like a marketing billboard, so each picture should be top-notch and unequivocally show the quality of products and services the company provides.

Website Pages to Include

Decide what pages to incorporate in the lawn and landscape website. Typically, marketing managers include the following for content consideration:

  • Home Page (Introduction) 
  • Services Pages
  • Portfolio Gallery
  • About Page
  • Press and Info
  • Team Page
  • Contact Page
  • Testimonial Page
  • Contact Us Page
  • Blog Page

Website Content Writing Services

Many green industry entrepreneurs get bogged down with typing thousands of words of content for the website and put off or delay the launch. They need someone that knows the industry and can quickly put together relevant content that can grab organic traffic while adding SEO keywords.

Include an SEO Planning Strategy

My virtual assistant packages include the keyword SEO package as well. I prepare and write content with a built-in SEO keyword planning strategy. Keywords chosen should have high relevance to your services, with a high search volume and less competitive for the best organic search results. An outline for each page with keywords, meta-descriptions, and title tags will be a part of the website development plan that we evaluate. Suggestions are provided on topics to discuss and how to approach the audience. 

I have a sure method in which to extract information about your company that keeps it painless. With a few interviews, I prepare, write, and deliver the content that will attract organic traffic and answer questions and giving information about services. Along with relevant content, an even distribution of keywords in the information, titles, subheadings, photo titles will be part of this virtual assistant package. 

SEO keyword strategy for website project management development

Content Relatability Method

I practice Donald Miller’s storybrand method of writing a story of the client/lead and how your services can make their life better off. I take the reader through the process and journey to achieve their needs being met by hiring your company.  

Ongoing Content Writing Services

Website content writing assistance that highlights the lawn and landscape are packaged services I offer my clients. This total package of SEO planning, story branding, and content writing specifically for the green industry is hard to find in one organization. Usually, one has to go to two or more different organizations to get it finalized. Find out more of these types of content writing services in my virtual assistant blogging and newsletter packages.

Call to Action

When writing, there is a purpose that was a part of the overall process in the beginning. At the endpoint, when you’ve shown them what services you provide and tell them what they need to do. Some call to actions can include:

  • Schedule a Consultation
  • Get Pricing
  • Make a Call
  • Take a Survey
  • Complete a Questionaire
  • Make a Purchase

Identifying what comes next will lead the reader to decide to click through and make that first contact or purchase. Call to Actions can be subtle or very direct, depending on the audience and feel of your business. This item is included in the content writing packages also. 

Gallery Pages

Subdivide website gallery pages into categories of services offered by the company. For instance, show all hardscaping in one slide deck with various degrees of skills and applications. Do the same for each service that is on the menu. This display gives leads ideas and also shows the breadth of work and services performed. Working with the photographer and videographer to provide an overall summary is time worth investing. 

Categories can include:

Landscape Design/Build

Drainage Systems

  • French Drains 
  • Drain Basins 
  • Driveway Drains 
  • Sump Pumps 
  • Storm Water Runoff Diversion 
  • Culverts

Hardscape Services

  • Walkways
  • Fire Pits
  • Patios and Decks
  • Columns and Mailboxes
  • Boulder/Rock Placement
  • Retaining Walls & Steps

Water Features
Deck Construction
Tree Services
Lawn Care Services
Fine Gardening Service
Irrigation Services

Each project that reaches completion needs to satisfy the customer. When this happens, you’ll start getting great reviews. With a defined plan and process in place, acquiring reviews can be systematic. Add these written or video testimonials to the website. They can be written or videotaped in a controlled setting with a somewhat scripted dialogue or just filmed naturally. These testimonials can be in the form of case studies describing the situation, problem, and how the project was accomplished and the results. 

Socialize With Leads

The best way someone gets to know you is to socialize. Ask them to join your social media outlets by creating links on the webpages. Easy access to these outlets will encourage and build a relationship. With these active links, leads can reach out in various ways to get their needs met for lawn and landscape care of their properties. If you haven’t already, decide which channels your company will participate in and keep them active by posting regularly. 

Website Updates, Additions & Blogging Services

After the initial website is designed, written and content is on the site, it will not be done, never to be touched again. Content will need to be updated, photos added of new projects, tweaking of services or adding additional service pages. Updating and adding content material on the blog page is a great way to educate your audience and continue ranking for keywords that are relevant to your target market. Read about my tips and tricks for writing landscape blogs and continue to add new topics to your blog page.

If any part or all of these virtual assistant package services will give you relief and expedite the process for your next website project, contact me to discuss the options and the menu of options you desire. With a defined plan, we can get your website project management checklist started and marked off before you can say ‘done!’