As an office manager and business associate, you are unparalleled!
Ryan Houston

Lawn-N-Order Landscaping

(His business increased 23% in 16 months in a down economy with implementations and aggressive initiatives.)
Debbie is the best salesperson, for several reasons. First, retail is in her blood. She comes from a family of retail, and the business is second nature to her. Second, she is passionate about people, and helping them. All the customers love her enthusiasm, and her concern for them is very genuine. She truly wants the customer to walk away satisfied, and so sales is natural for her, because it who she is. Third, she is passionate about plants. She loves the green industry and works diligently to help instill others with that same passion. With these three attributes, she is a natural when it comes to sales.
Cinthia Milner (Horticulturist/Garden Coach/Writer)

Manager, B.B. Barns Flower Market

I hired Debbie to help me keep my blog active with great, helpful and informative articles each month. She is a very talented writer and works well with deadlines. I fully trusted her to handle this part of my business and she did very well! I would recommend her to any growing business that needs additional help in the office to free up time to better serve their clients.
Joshua Gillow

MasterPLAN Landscape Design

As a small landscape maintenance company Debbie’s help has been spectacular! She knows what needs to be done makes recommendations and then gets it done. She can handle task from making sketches for client presentations, sourcing out plant material for quotes and later takes care of ordering material for job, Social media where for me she really shines. She handles all of my social media posts, constantly reminds me that I need to take more job pictures for before and after shots that help tell our story… She frees up my time so I can focus on the bigger picture.
Steve Hopkins

Beauty Scapes of Georgia



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