Have you ever stopped to inquire how your prospects find a landscaper? Do you take that information and use it to optimize what you’re already doing? Is the statistics coming from one source? Have you considered other ways to branch out and find your prospects? Here are the top three ways to optimize the road to your door for your prospects.


How do you get referrals? Answer: Do a good job and they will produce for you. People will ask their neighbor, “Who did your landscape/lawn care?” if they like what they see! To obtain those referrals, ASK for them! Once a job is completed, get a verbal review and their honest opinion about their experience. Ask if you have met or exceeded their expectations? If so, ask them to refer you to their friends, family, and neighbors. You may want to give an incentive by offering to give a referral bonus on their next service if a recommended client signs a contract with your company. Again, always ask the prospect how he heard about your company!

#2—Website Inquiry

If you’ve optimized your website, they will find you. Make sure you have an easy way for them to contact you. Your contact forms should funnel into a CRM system as well as your inbox. Up-to-date relevant blogging content, optimizing with your keywords as well as photos will help your company rise to the top of the search engine. Ranking high in Google can also be attained with Google reviews. Also, ensure you have a user-friendly website by making it responsive to mobile devices. Keeping consistent business listings throughout the directories online is important to SEO. Use the same NAP (business name, address, and phone number) on all listings (i.e. Angie’s List, Google+, Facebook, YP, YB, Yelp, etc.)

#3—Truck Wraps

A vehicle wrap is a billboard on wheels that gets attention by an impressive amount of eyes every day, all day depending on your mobility. Vehicle advertising from the viewpoint of ROI is second to none. Your vehicle graphics will develop an impression of your company and brand. Since it is a moving object, it is only viewed for approximately 4-8 seconds so make sure you have the most pertinent information for a contact.

With these tips in hand, take measures to gain your clients attention. Some of these ideas will cost a few bucks, others just take brainpower, but use them both to your advantage and your ROI will bring in the big bucks.