marketing-campaign-virtual assistant

A lot of time and money goes into placing advertising into a newspaper or magazine or writing a blog. Have you done the necessary marketing campaign preparations? Will the results be new clientele? A few things have to be considered before planning a marketing campaign. Consider the following:


  1. Who is your target market and where are they? Define your target market by age, where they live, their reading materials, social media habits, and their overall makeup. What mediums are they looking for your services? Once you get an ideal client, you can begin to place yourself in their shoes to define how to best reach them with your services. Defining past successful client relationships will help hone in on the clients you want to attract. Ask them, how they found you and what determined their choice of you and your company? This will lead you to the next step.
  1. Choose a medium(s) that best will reach your clients. If they aren’t on social media, do they read their emails? Then e-newsletters might be the route to proceed. Are they using various review sites to find contractors to meet their needs? Which ones? Answers to these questions will direct you to a higher ROI for the effort you put out.
  1. Choose a message that meets their needs. After determining whom your ideal client is and where you will find them, the information you provide them with will be crucial to their decision-making. Marketing materials should directly meet a need for your client whether it is a physical or emotional need or both. What services do you have that they need?
  1. Be consistent with your brand and message. Repeat the message to remind the client of your services and what you can offer them. Use various mediums they will be looking at whether it is newspaper, radio, e-newsletters, magazines, flyers, blogs, social media, brochures or review sites. Coincide the messages (in several places) at the same time to speak at a louder volume so they become aware. Create themes in which you speak on about the services you provide.
  1. Measure the output vs. the input. Analyze afterwards. Did your message convey to your audience and bring in business? Was there confusion or clarity? Which medium brought in the most leads? What was your ROI? All of this analysis will give you decision making skills the next time you launch your next marketing campaign.


If you need help preparing your next marketing campaign, let’s talk!