Virtual assistants packages are not just for the big corporate guys anymore. Green industry pros want to increase efficiency too and, now more than ever, with the increase in business opportunities! But many are still unfamiliar with how virtual assistants work and what they bring to the horticulture industry! First off, let’s define the term.

I’m a virtual assistant (solopreneur) that supports various green industry operations from a remote location in Western North Carolina. I do it all electronically through support systems like email, Google Drive, Dropbox, Basecamp, or WhatsApp. There are several ways to communicate, and these are just a few applications to keep projects organized and moving forward. Increasing efficiency at work just got simpler. Now someone is waiting in the wings to assist with special one-off projects or a perpetual weekly task that gives more time to the green industry pro, thus adding efficiency!

If you’re stuck in your old ways or feeling kind of ‘root bound’ or getting ‘root rot’ by doing the same thing, the same way, get out of the pot and spread your roots! Root rot impairs a plant to uptake water and other nutrients as does not being progressive in your industry. Let’s have a discussion soon about pinching back those shoots to encourage new branching in your business!

Virtual Assistants Packages Are Budget Tolerant

Before deciding to hire a new employee, consider this. Employers can save over 28 percent by hiring a virtual assistant vs. the cost of an employee. How? That 28 percent savings are for payroll taxes, insurance, and benefits, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics under the occupational group ‘sales and office’ (September 2019 chart). This percentage doesn’t include the cost of extra space, equipment, internet bandwidth, or managerial oversight costs.

virtual assistant packages comparison chart to employee costs


A virtual assistants package can be scheduled each month into the overall budget for specific jobs or special projects. A retainer can be arranged on a seasonal or monthly basis. Working specific niche projects can be flexible with a trained virtual assistant for the green industry pro.

With these savings, you can reallocate the business budget funds to other aspects of the business like more equipment or increase the profit margin! In essence, lower the business costs without compromising productivity and increase efficiency for the green industry executive!

Virtual Assistant Support for Growth Spurts

Virtual assistant packages will accommodate growth spurts within the business as the volume of work increases without sacrificing productivity. Sometimes a full or part-time employee is not a necessity during specific times of the year. Or they might not have various skill sets or know the horticulture or green industry business. Finding reliable and knowledgeable employees in this business takes time and training. The cost of oversight, training, and management comes into play. Sometimes, there’s not enough time in the heat of the season to interview, train, and manage an extra employee. It slows down the process of what is needed, and other important tasks get put to the side. Then, after the additional employee is hired, there are no guarantees that the employee will stay or the investment pays off.

With a custom virtual assistant package service for the green industry pro, comes experience and education in this horticulture field along with a background in business administration and sales. Before working with me, I provide references and samples to examine and ensure you of my commitment.

Right Person, Right Place

Flexibility is critical in this industry. With your green industry virtual assistant package, there is not necessarily a set work schedule. You can hire for a couple of months or long-term. I have several clients that I have worked with for 4+ years. Others come and go as they make transitions in their businesses and employees or for one-off tasks. With me, you get a wide variety of project-oriented skills, specific training in both horticulture and business administration, and sales. I’m techy oriented with a jovial personality and genuinely care about each of my client’s successes and businesses. I’m the ‘right person, in the right place,’ or an ‘offshoot’ of your business as a partner to assist in helping your business thrive!


A proper ratio of nitrogen to phosphorus to potassium will help a plant survive and thrive. Likewise, a virtual assistant should provide services that will give extra support for special projects or to keep things balanced and running to the business’s full potential. Project management, file-sharing, timekeeping, and communication skills are all necessary for a virtual workplace. These aspects all lessen risks and errors for your green industry business.


Delegate Time Sucking Tasks

Everyone has a list of things they hate or take up lots of time for little return on investment. Or sometimes you get behind on various tasks and need help when you’re feeling overwhelmed with the long, tedious lists. Delegating these tasks can be an effective use of your professional time to allow for more money-making functions that bring in the big bucks. Such duties may include:



Green industry-specific responsibilities include:

Virtual Assistants Packages Provides Security

Employees come and go at a moment’s notice, just like the sun on a cloudy day. Stay ‘drought tolerant’ by keeping a virtual assistant as a permanent partner in your landscaping business for those fair-weather days when there’s inadequate office help. Cross-training with an outside virtual assistant can maintain a sense of assurance for you and your clients. Operations will continue as business increases, or new projects are required. Additionally, some of the services I provide are niche skills the average employee doesn’t necessarily have. Virtual assistants packages bring extra depth to your business and can offer a complete skill set where there might otherwise be a gap.

Offshoot Virtual Landscape Services provides an array of services for the green industry pro while increasing efficiency for your business. All packages are customized to fit your needs and budget. Please contact me today to get started with the ‘right person in the right place’ to keep your business running smoothly this season.