landscaper-email newsletters

Direct marketing via snail mail is getting costlier by the day and depending on your mail list might not be hitting your target market. But what about the “green gold” sitting in your email contacts? Collect all those past and current clients (provided they have agreed to opt-in to communications from you) that you’ve done business with and compile into a workable list. Use this list to “fertilize and cultivate” your business and watch it grow! Here’s six points for optimizing your landscape business by using email newsletters.

  1. Drives Traffic. While sending out helpful information each month covering email newsletter-landscapera multitude of topics a homeowner would enjoy, include links to your website or a ‘landing page’ that can then funnel them to convert with a ‘call to action.’ Also, include links to your social media sites to promote continued daily conversations with your clients.
  2. Cross Promotes. The newsletter can promote your blog and social media sites as well as your website. Asking for reviews on various social media platforms can promote, all pointing back to your website.
  3. Builds Authority. Your clients will see the knowledge base in your newsletters and count you as an authority in your field. Answering their questions and giving timely information to their concerns and issues through articles and information found in your newsletters will promote trust and integrity.
  4. Builds Relationships. Constant communication helps build relationships. When direct contact is made, relationships grow. A monthly reminder that you are in business and give service to their lawn and garden will get you noticed faster than the guy who isn’t communicating regularly. They may forget you if you’ve only serviced them once. Remember, keep yourself unforgettable (your momma thinks so!) so don’t lose touch.
  5. Promotes Sales. Information in email newsletters can directly bring about a sale. Remind them of seasonal maintenance, fertilizing times and services, mulching season, pruning and plant installations. Run specials on certain services or plant material that you find ‘deals’ on and pass onto the client. Always have ‘call to action’ wording in each newsletter to get them to move forward with a decision.
  6. Builds Brand Name. Be consistent along all venues with your logo, color, style, services that will identify you immediately. Sending a consistent timed newsletter will promote your brand and help your clients recognize your authority quickly equating to sales.

Sending email newsletters makes sense and can generate cents in the form of big bucks. What are you waiting for? If you need help with launching a consistent email newsletter campaign, I can suggest topics, research, write, edit and launch with no sweat exerted from you. Leave your sweaty self to the great outdoors, I’ll get the job done inside. Contact me for quotes now.