Simplify your business with a green industry remote assistant. Hire now and get results. 

Tasks to Delegate to a Remote Assistant

Many green industry companies are frustrated with a lack of trained administrative support. Finding trained help for this industry is a hassle. However, we provide a qualified green industry remote assistant for your business. Our niche services are for landscaping, lawn care, and irrigation companies. A wide range of remote assistant services will accommodate your business flow. Check those tasks off your list faster! Your business will be more productive, profitable, and offer your clients higher levels of service. Let’s cultivate your green industry business together!

Marketing and Sales Support

Keep fresh content informing leads and clients of your services. Add topics to your website that they’re most interested in learning. Continuously brand yourself as the authority in your field. Coincide these entries with e-newsletter campaigns and social media to have a comprehensive marketing schedule for your green industry business. This service will include SEO keywords, meta descriptions, and themed photos. No more trying to figure out what to write each month. We take this chore off your plate by providing a list of ideas based on your company’s services.

Constantly keep in front of your customer’s minds by launching an e-newsletter each month to your landscape, lawn care, and irrigation clients. Inform them on trends, specials, weather information, services available. Feature recent installations and report client testimonials. Share these on social media to attract more business. We research, write, and launch with your company branding. A must-have marketing tool to create client relationships. Add this simple, easy to reach tool to brand your business and get a high ROI.


Portfolio Gallery

Are installation photos stacking up in a file somewhere? Does no one have the time or know-how to add them to your portfolio page? Don’t let them get buried deep or loose them in your data files. Keep your gallery pages refreshed and up to date with your latest and greatest feats. We add SEO keywords and ALT tags to capture more clicks.

Knowing what to write, edit, and get it ready for a web developer can be daunting. Don’t delay the website building process because you hate writing and typing. Hire a remote assistant for the green industry that understands your service offerings. We will work with your developer, discuss the pages, and how much content you need to generate along with the specific keywords to include. Generate more traffic with knowledgable and relevant content for your leads and clients.

Preparing content, assembling pictures, and content can be time-consuming to do in-house during the season. Having someone that works in this green industry and relates to your needs for the business is a no-brainer. Generate more social relationships with this form of marketing. Adding this component to a remote assistant package just made your marketing easier.



Generate Reviews

Reviews and feedback are a vital social authority that many leave behind as they move to the next customer. Generating these trusted reviews can catapult your business in a matter of months if you follow our business process. Ask me how it’s working for other clients and get a head start this season on adding this value to your marketing plan.


Email Management

Getting bogged down with high volumes of emails coming into your inbox? Trying to filter through each one can take time away from more critical tasks. Set up a system to handle the load. Differentiate what’s essential, what can wait, and what to delete. Filing accordingly before it even hits your inbox is convenient and saves hours of clicks. Stay organized by hiring a remote assistant to help with this tedious task.


Plant Procurement

A specialized remote assistant for the green industry understands botanical names and can easily navigate this task for your company. Don’t spend time on the computer or phone trying to find plants. Assign this to your administrative professional. Get it done faster, and don’t delay an installation.


job proposal prep

Are your proposals backlogged for an insufficient time in front of the computer? A skilled green industry remote assistant will help with your CRM input. Relaying the job to her will expedite the process with a method that’s proven to deliver faster results. Ask about her ‘secret sauce’ today.



Getting ambiguous voicemails that could be a lead, a vendor, or a telemarketer? Forward these to your remote assistant to qualify leads and field these phone calls. Less tedious tasks=More productivity.


Customer Service

Need help with customer service issues? Having a helpful voice on the other end of a phone call can make or break first impressions. Scheduling consultations and handling expectations is one of our specialties. Adding an extension through a mobile device makes it easy to work alongside your business to expedite your calls. We can accommodate your company or personal phone calls Monday-Friday 9-5 EST.



Are you a speaker or consultant for your green industry business? If you’re not adept at preparing an outline or setting up visual presentations, we can help. Making a great first impression to your audience will be natural with a formatted template, including your brand. Get guidance from your green industry remote assistant on the format, style, and topics.

Education & Employment


Company Manuals

No employee should be left to wonder what’s about company expectations. Have a professional business manual ready when hiring. Use it to go over with each new staff member. Quickly adopt new policies and keep them organized. Job descriptions, processes, benefits, and procedures can be apart of the document. Don’t delay getting this important document into your employee’s hands. A green industry remote assistant will guide you through the topical index of what to include. Help is on the way to making your crew members feel secure and proud to be a part of your company.


Horticulture & Safety Training

Training materials for the green industry can be hard to find and even less affordable. Why not let us put together a customizable packet that you can utilize to train your staff? Keep company training in a cloud-based drive and easily reachable. Presentations will be available on Google Sheets, PowerPoint, and Prezi. Topics we cover are horticulture best practices, IPM, plant identification, and safety issues for your company’s requirements. Comprehensive. Customizable. Branded.



Calendar management / scheduling

Do you spend time calling clients or leads to make appointments and burn precious time? Assign your green industry, remote assistant, to provide these types of customer service tasks. Share a work calendar. A professional, follow up email can be generated to confirm the appointments. Don’t wait for callbacks or miss an appointment opportunity. An organized schedule of events and places to be can give you peace of mind. Stay organized.


Recording Business Processes

Small businesses need current business process documentation. Problems and disorganization can occur without them. Documenting processes include a complete explanation of how to perform any procedure. Imagine someone new coming into the company, reading the documentation, and successfully following and executing a segment of the business. The recording of processes can assist with new trainees, reduce vulnerability to key employees, and improve the output of a method with higher standards. It also gives appropriate accountability to your staff. Get your processes down on paper and out of key people’s heads. Imagine losing a staff member, along with all their valuable knowledge. This relevant information and investment are lost. Don’t leave your company vulnerable. Start the process today by hiring a remote assistant that will work with your team, ask questions, transcribe, and organize discussions into processes.

data entry


ordering supplies

Are you spending needless time ordering supplies an admin could easily do? Assign menial tasks to a remote assistant.


Plant Materials Cataloging

Keeping an updated list of most used materials and supplies in your CRM makes estimating faster and easier. Assign this quarterly task to update pricing, sizing, and vendors, so all your estimates are accurate.


CRM entries

Are you or your staff behind on entering data into your CRM during the busy season? Assign tasks like these to a trained remote assistant that can get the job done so you can get on with the profitable tasks.

Check tasks off quicker – Simplify your business – Stay Productive – Relieve Stress

Many green industry entrepreneurs don’t know where to find adequate help that is knowledgeable about the green industry. The lack of time for management oversight leaves many at a loss. We eliminate that problem with a trained green industry remote assistant that can complete the administrative tasks in your business. We serve clients from the east coast to the west coast. Watch your business run smoother and more efficiently without the headache of interviewing, hiring, and managing another full-time employee. Accomplish these tasks by buying a monthly customizable service package. Don’t delay. Start a conversation with us now.

If you don’t see something listed here, contact me for inquires. I’ll be happy to assist!

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