Offshoot Virtual Landscape Services, LLC is located in the Hendersonville, Flat Rock, and South Asheville area.

Remote Administrative Assistant

 As a green industry virtual assistant, I work remotely.  If you need administrative assistance in any part of your green industry business, I can help and save you money simultaneously! Learn about all the various jobs I offer my clients here and fill out the form below today. With technology, it’ll be like I’m in the next room! 

Landscape Design Plans in Hendersonville-South Asheville

As a residential landscape designer in the Hendersonville, Asheville, NC, area, I can visit and speak to you about your vision for the area. If you live out of town and aren’t here all the time, I have a system to make the landscape presentation remotely through a video.

During each presentation, I will have a photo chosen on the Pinterest board to explain the plant and its characteristics. I will explain the seasonal changes for each plant as well. I can also provide information about planting procedures, products to use, and how often to water. After each presentation, I will bring the final invoice and electronically submit your design to the printer, who will print it and mail it to you. Finally, I will link you to your Pinterest board or print off screenshots of the plants so you can visualize the shrubs for your garden. 

If you want a revised plan for an existing landscape or need a comprehensive landscape design plan for a new home, I’m available to listen and help! Please fill out the information below, and let’s begin your project!

Please call us at 828.699.8022 or fill out this electronic form, and we’ll contact you at your specified time.



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