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Problems I Solve—

I Add Time to Your Day
Time=More Projects=Revenue=Profit

So, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, there is a mad rush to serve your clients on a very tight timetable. After Christmas day, you’re probably sitting in a pile of paper (gift wrap or desktop piles) huffing and puffing trying to find the bottom of the floor or your desk! Wow, you wipe your brow telling yourself, “I want to get organized for next year!” Well, you’re in luck because next year is next week! Time for a New Year’s resolution!

Resolution number #1: More projects=More revenue=More profit

Adding time to your day to get the job done is on everyone’s New Year’s resolution checklist! There are apps, tricks, seminars and webinars that will keep you on a timer and fixated on the result! More clients. More money in the bank. A streamlined business. Fewer headaches. While those might be on your list to access and apply, an executive assistant might be the ‘broom that sweeps your business’ into the next level. Having a backup for tasks that take longer than you can give is a wise investment into growing your business. The return will be more time in your day. While you sit at your desk try to come up with an ad and communicate back and forth with a rep. Dictate what you want it to say to your virtual executive assistant and the task is done. Now, you have time to make the necessary call to get the next project won.

Resolution number #2: Turn over my estimates faster to win the sale (See Resolution #1)

Adding a virtual assistant to qualify leads, answer their inquiries and prepare the estimate will turn over those new leads to clients faster. By dictating an estimate on site with materials needed, description of the job and vital information (address, phone, and email address) you will more likely get the estimate into their hands when there is a priority in the client receiving it quickly. The ‘early bird gets the worm’ so to speak and you will too. By the time the next appointment is complete, I can have the estimate ready to review, tweak and send for the estimator. This simple system reduces time in the office, adds time to your day, and keeps the estimator caught up

Implement your Resolutions!

If you want to get your New Year’s resolutions checked off and gain more time in each day, I can relieve that pressure and do the jobs that you’re putting off! Call today for a discovery session and we can talk about your particular needs. Packages start at $200 a month!