One of the hang-ups people have about delegating is staying in control of the workload. Who is doing what, when, and how? Choose the right person for the task, and put guidelines and perimeters around the job task along with a few guided points. Regular check-ins will keep the process running smoothly without delays.

Delegating to the Right Person

Delegating the task to the right person is like putting the right plant in the right place. It will thrive if given the right Ingredients. In this case, instruction, clear guidelines, and a timetable with expectations should get the result.

Which jobs to Delegate

If using Google Chrome, try an Add-On like Todoist task manager to keep your projects on a list and in order. In this task manager, prioritize tasks and give them dates for completion. The application will sit in Chrome’s toolbar to quickly access an overview of what’s out and what you still need to do on the list. Once you accumulate a list of due dates, delegating can begin with the selected persons completing the tasks. Here’s how to share your tasks and get those tasks checked off sooner!


Delegating tasks-virtual assistant

Specify the process

For certain tasks, processes must be the most efficient and consistent. Keep the written or video of the process delegated in a file folder in Dropbox or Google Drive and share it with the assigned person. For five-minute quick onscreen videos, I use Jing. It’s a simple recorder that captures all your movements and sounds on the screen. The application hovers in a corner of the desktop screen, and once with two clicks, you can start recording what’s on the screen, including audio with movements. Upload the recording to Screencast and grab the link when it’s done uploading to share. It’s an easy way to keep the task consistent and clarify questions. I use this to refer to simple procedures I don’t often perform.

Follow up with notifications through Todoist. Set the date and let the work begin.

Keep the Ball Rolling

Overseeing any job that’s been delegated can be easy. Keep the ball rolling with a few easy apps to organize and delegate. As an executive assistant for my clients, I use these applications daily to keep my office organized and running smoothly. If you’d like help in organizing your ‘to-do’ list or would like to delegate your tasks, let’s talk.