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Do you wish you could roll back the clock when it’s 5:00 pm, and it seems that very little is complete? Delegate these three time-wasters to your virtual assistant. Meanwhile, profit performing tasks will be front and center.

Time Wasters: Recovering Time to the Day

  1. Taking incoming client inquiries. Vetting clients can often be a time-waster. How to do this?
  • When a client calls, note the vetting questions usually posed.
  • Make a list to use and define clearly the type of jobs and clients to accept.


Solidifying the system and handing this routine over to an assistant will make the day seem longer and the virtual assistant-time-phone callsprocess runs efficiently. Nothing is worse than taking a call when a calendar, paper, and pen are not readily available. Taking incoming calls routed through an online phone system such as Grasshopper will save time too. Route the calls to anyone’s mobile or landline. The client benefits and doesn’t know the difference. If a message is left, an email is emailed to the person receiving the call with the voicemail attached. This call can be returned and processed by an assistant. Taaaadaa. Extra minutes are added to the day while taking care of the incoming client call.

  1. Returning vague phone calls. Vague messages leave a question in mind; is this a sales call or a potential client? Delegate this type of call that could potentially be time wasters.

Reinvest Time to the Business

  1. Calling clients for follow-up reviews. Think about it. A client doesn’t necessarily tell all to the owner. But, when an independent person calls, a customer will be more forthcoming. This process can be fine-tuned and maintained on a regular basis to allow feedback and excellent customer service to become significant. In this industry, it’s not often that a client gets a call back after the installation to make sure he/she is perfectly satisfied. It raises eyebrows and people take notice. To make a wrong right is another way to gain respect and influence among clients. This avenue gives the client an easier way to make an honest evaluation. This process not only saves you time but builds rapport and repeat business. That’s always a good investment.


How much time can you recover by eliminating these three-time wasters in your day? Delegate these time inefficiencies and get your day back. If you have trouble figuring out this and other tasks to transfer, I have a few more ideas. Call, and we can discuss your needs and how much time you want to recover each day.