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A day in the life of a virtual assistant for the green industry goes something like this…I make a cup of green tea or iced depending on the season (a variety of flavors) and do my morning routines. While the hot water is starting to boil, I take a quick look at the day’s tasks by reviewing my client’s company email servers on my phone. Many arrive early while I was catching up on my beauty sleep. I report to my office desk at 9 a.m. to begin the day’s tasks. Virtual assistant tasks that come in each day have variety and interests that keep me excited to report to ‘work’!

Daily Tasks of a Green Industry Virtual Assistant 

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How do I track my hours you ask? I use Freshbooks, an online cloud-based system that has a built-in timer. I ‘clock in’ and start the timer when I start a task for a client. I stop the timer when the task is complete as well as if I need to jump to another task before it’s completed. I type in my notes on the tasks I’ve performed up to that point and log my hours. It automatically puts the notes in under the client’s name and records the time. This makes billing really easy at the end of the month.

Qualifying clients:

One client provides a mobile phone that serves as his office phone. I take incoming calls, qualify clients with a series of questions at certain times then set up appointments or answer their questions. Another client sends in his Grasshopper voicemails to me and I follow up with incoming inquiries providing Intel through qualifying questions provided. I report the information I’ve gathered and appointments are made and set on the Google calendar in which I have admin rights to edit.

Preparing documents, marketing materials, website content, and handbooks:

I’ve recently prepared a sell sheet for a landscape product by gathering the logo, pictures and copy then laying it out, sourcing a printer and getting it delivered to the salesman. I do bigger projects like writing copy for a new website with titles, SEO, tags, and coordinating photos to go with the content. I researched the web designers, interviewed each one and then proposed to my client the final choice. I organized all the content and was the liaison throughout the entire process, even going to their training afterward. Another client has requested business systems to be recorded for the different aspects of his business. We share documents on Google Docs for collaboration.

Voicemail and email management:

I do routine voicemail retrieval and make call backs, appointments and then send an email with notes. I often clean up and organize an email account if it is out of control by setting up folders and filters or unsubscribe from perpetual unread emails.

At some point, when all my clients are taken care of and the tasks have been completed, I hang my hat on the back of my chair and pour myself another glass of sweet tea anxious for tomorrow to start!

If you need office help but don’t have office space, hire a virtual assistant for the green industry and get your ‘to-do’ list of tasks checked off each month. If you want to learn how to make the transition to a virtual assistant, email me and I’ll send you a copy of my free A Guide to Hiring a Virtual Assistant.