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Are you at a loss, burnt-out or scratching your head wondering what ‘new content’ you can come up with for next month on your Facebook Business Page for your landscape business? Start with a marketing calendar. What do you want people to learn about your business or services that you provide each month? Record those ideas in a schedule for the same time each week or month. One week could concentrate on lawn care services. The next week hardscaping services. Schedule the entire quarter or season with a theme each week. Scheduling in three-month increments or seasonally will save time in the long run and help keep the topic coherent. And this process will maintain the marketing strategy focus on the marketing calendar-facebook business page-virtual assistant-landscaperdesired result.

Now that the schedule is in place follow through with some great ideas on how to prepare content with the themes in mind.

How to Engage Clients on a Facebook Business Page for Landscapers

Blog Posts Need To be Shared
Don’t expect your social audience to be tuning into your blog. Share the blog on your Facebook Business Page. And share more than once. Not everyone is on FB at the same time. Share several times and at times when you know your audience is engaged and on Facebook. Posts move fast during the day and get buried so more than one posting will give higher viewability.

Newsletters Need to be Shared
Hear Ye! Hear Ye! When you have news, share it. Your FB audience may not be on your client list yet. Or they may not have got the newsletter in their inbox or read it. All the more reason to share the news.

Before and After
Folks love before and after pictures. Remember when shooting a video or photo to stand in the same place each time for the best comparative shots. The transformation will be much more noticeable when it’s easy to compare. Channel your ‘Joanna Gaines’ and set up the shots ahead of time. Move unwanted objects in the view that could distract or will need to be edited out. Look at the view as if looking through a window. Observe all the edges and notice what may be a distraction. Use a photo app like Fotor to combine the two photos side by side.

Discussion Starters
People love to share their expertise. Get your client’s to share their favorite recipes using their garden produce, favorite gardening tips, garden photos, etc. Starting a chat-like atmosphere can create some buzz and grow the relationships among your own client’s. Put like-minded people together and give this opportunity to engage with each other.

Educate them
People love the DIY channels for a reason. Learning what you do is another way to show your authority and expertise on the subject. Give your audience a short explanation on how to do something whether it’s planting a tree correctly or fertilizing their shrubs and why, how and when. It can be in a video, photo or downloadable pdf. Keep it short and sweet and to Facebook Business pagethe point to keep them interested.

What’s that blooming?
Answer your client’s ‘most asked questions’ each season. You know the ones. You get them every year. Keep the list fresh and add to it. Post it to educate further and help your client’s get those burning questions answered. And, the next time they ask, give them a heads up by saying, ‘we just addressed that on our Facebook Business Page!’ (A little advertising never hurts.)

Weather Alerts
Some people are clueless about how to protect their tender annuals or perennials from harsh weather moving into the area. Just as an alert, let people know bad weather is coming and how your services can help after the storm. It’s like a public service announcement. For example, if a late frost is sure to kill the buds on those hydrangeas, give them a ‘heads up’ and how to protect those tender buds. They’ll be grateful for their blooms in the coming season.

If you want more ideas like this, give me a call to discuss your marketing strategy on how to engage your landscape audience on Facebook Business Page. You’ll have an extensive fan club in no time!