How Much Is Paid In Wasted Time at the

How much time is wasted from 9-5?

According to, some of the time wasters at work are, you guessed it, the Internet, socializing and doing personal business on company time. Thirty-one percent of people responding to the survey conducted by said they wasted roughly 30 minutes daily, and another thirty-one percent waste 1 hour daily on these very things.

As a Virtual Assistant, I can relate! I noticed how easy it is to waste time, because I work with a timer. I want my clients to get a superior job, so the minute I’m at my desk, I start my timer. Every minute on the timer counts as actual billable work. No personal phone calls, texts, breaks, or personal emails unless I stop the timer. I noticed that some days a billable day of 6 hours was a workday of 9 hours. Where had 3 hours gone? What happened to the missing hours? Well, LOL, probably the same thing that happens to everyone’s! But lesson learned and thanks to the timer.

Keeping a timer handy, and setting it for regular tasks gives insight into how much time is wasted in a day, and it helps keep track of tasks done. Determine how much time you want to spend on, say, social media, and set the timer. When the timer dings, it’s time for a break! This keeps the do-list clear, the work day productive, and still gives time for co-worker chats, which, helps with the team-building.

Time is wasting…keeps on ticking…measure your time and use it wisely.

Hiring an office assistant (a.k.a Virtual Assistant) will prove to be measurable and efficient. Give me a call today and we can chat about how to shave hours off your day and be more productive!