How do you keep track of your leads and the process they are in the system? If a system isn’t in place to track those leads for follow up, closing rates will decline, and yo will have fewer clients to service. If you use a Google app-for-work Gmail account or have an individual Gmail account, this tool is useful to use. Streak is a customer relationship management tool. Download it free. It has a ton of cool features that sit inside your inbox. Let me share a few of my favorites things about Streak that gives it notoriety!

Streak’s mission clearly states ‘to run your entire business from your inbox.’  Let me clarify! I don’t know about the entire business, but your lead generation can run through this handy add-on. It is a very clear, straightforward system that can help keep track of where your leads are in the system.


Setting Up Streak in Your Inbox

Step 1: Download Streak to your Gmail account.

Step 2: Decide what stages you want to track and edit. Double-click on the stage and retype what to rename the stage.

Streak-virtual assistant-admin services

Rename the Stage by clicking and typing!

Using Streak for Client & Sales Tracking

When a client calls in or emails, simply add a new box to the pipeline with their name and their vital information. As they move through the stages, you can keep their process updated by double-clicking on the Stage column. Select a new stage from the drop-down menu and maintain the flow moving to the ultimate goal. This prevents clients from being forgotten or slipping through the cracks of your busy inbox.

Streak-admin services

When writing emails to clients, attach the email so a trail of communication can be collected and easily accessed. This makes it easier if you’re collaborating with other people in your team too. Notes and files can be linked or attached to the system.

add email to box-Streak-virtual assistant

If you need to contact the client via email and have their email under one of the columns, just click on the email address and it will populate a new email to compose. This new email will automatically attach within the pipeline box for great record keeping! Your team will love you for it!

populate email-Streak-virtual assistant-Offshoot


To the side of your emails that are attached to your client, a box on the right side will generate all the vital information that has been input. If you have created an email but don’t want it to go out yet, you can click on the check mark beside ‘Send,’ and the calendar will pop up.  Designate what day and time you want the same email to go out.

Streak-calendar-virtual assistant

Use the snooze feature to regenerate the email back into your inbox. For instance, if you want to put the email on the back burner and simmer awhile, use this feature. The zero inbox lovers will overuse this feature! It’s also good to use as a follow-up reminder.

Client info-Streak-virtual assistant

This is another view from inside the box (click on the Streak symbol beside their name). Add file links from your Google Drive or write in comments to put into the system. If you’ve connected your emails to the client, then you will be able to see them all in one place!

inside a box-Streak-administrative services

Streak & View Tracking

View tracking is another feature I love about Streak. Streak also lets you know if an email is received.  Clicking on the green eye icon beside the message in your inbox will give more details about the receivers views. Just like a CIA operative. The free version gives 200 tracked emails a month. If you generate more, you can opt in for a paid version.

view tracking-Streak-admin services

View tracking-Streak-virtual assistant

When I get an email in Gmail that’s attached to another email that has nothing to do with the first one; I split the thread with Streak.

Streak-virtual assistant

Streak Shares

You can share the entire pipeline with team members by having the team member sign up with Streak. Then, send the team member the pipeline by clicking on the blue share button at the top.




Access Streak

Accessing the pipeline is easy, and you can have more than one pipeline. It sits nicely in the column to the left of your emails. Click on it and it, will pop into view. It is easily accessible but neatly hidden away when not in use.

virtual assistant-admin services


Streak’s Phone App

And when you thought it couldn’t get any better than this, there’s a phone app! Download it for free, and login and you’re good on the go.

Streak phone app

This tutorial should give you a good working relationship with Streak. Try it and see how your leads will generate into a set goal down the pipeline!

As any virtual assistant will tell you, there’s something to be said for the person who qualifies the leads and actually talks to the client, then inputs the information. That’s where I can help. If you need admin services, let’s talk. Contact me and we can discuss your needs and come up with a plan.