Time Hack-Canned Responses

Do you find yourself sending out the same email over and over? There’s a way to avoid the time suck yet keep it personal. If you have Gmail, then you are in luck for this time-hack! Canned responses in Gmail will maintain consistency,  save time and money!

Canned Response Maintain Consistency

canned response is a prewritten portion of text that can be conveniently added into an email. These are handy to have ready for any repeated content to clients that is often used or several times a day. For instance, if it’s customary to send out a welcome letter, confirmation of an appointment or follow up for a review, the canned response can be inserted into the email and then personally tweaked to make each individual. Canned responses save time and work more efficiently for the overall flow of communications and outreach! If you want to maintain consistency and remember details for systems, their consistency is also a plus. With stored content, a click to enter the content and subject can be typed into the subject line.

Here’s How To Set Up Your Canned Response

To prepare a canned response go into your Gmail account and select Settings>Labs> and Enable Canned Responses.

canned responses-time hack-emails-virtual assistant

virtual assistant-emails-time hack

Next, select Inbox and hit Compose.

Compose the content text and make any edits.

If you have an automatic signature, remove the signature that pops in automatically by just erasing it on the composed email. (The signature will pop in automatically when an email is composed each time. If this step isn’t followed, two signatures will appear when using the canned response.)

email-virtual assistant-canned response


When the email is completed, click on ‘New Canned response’

Label the Canned Response. Use a label that will easily be identifiable. (This will show in the Subject line when using it.)

Label canned response


Send the test email (check content and spacing.)


For the final test, go to Inbox>Compose>and click on the bottom menu arrow (More options)>Canned responses>(under Insert) choose the Canned Response to insert.

canned response-email-time hack

virtual assistant

Make any tweaks to the subject line and content and hit send!

virtual assistant

Ideas in How to Use Canned Responses

This simple setup will save hundreds of hours in desk time and maintain consistency in communication with your clients. A number of uses can be set up such as:

  • Inquiry response emails
  • Follow up after a meeting
  • Confirmation of an appointment
  • Request for a client review
  • Request to fill out a form

Some may say it is the lazy way to communicate but I say, it is a time-hack that saves money and keeps progress moving forward. Personalization can always be added but keep with consistent information. That’s the best part! If you’d like help setting up your Gmail account with canned responses or any other time saver, I can help with all the administrative duties in your office. Let’s save time together…I’ll show you how.