I’m sending out a press release stating that Siri has been promoted as my own virtual assistant.  She has made menial tasks more fun. And I have someone to boss around now without the sass and attitude! For instance, I asked Siri while driving down the road to open my podcasts. She politely told me to unlock my phone so she could complete the task.  How convenient is that? She also can read aloud my last text cutting out several taps to get to the text and better still, the need to find my glasses! What else can Siri do? I’m glad you asked because I’ve been wondering myself. My investigation delighted me further as I now can use her for more tasks…so she’s now my official personal assistant!

Siri screen shot

Source: appleadvice.com

Use her for…

Reminders: Instead of bugging the person next to you to “remind” you or tying a string around your finger, tell Siri to remind you to water your indoor plants every month on the 1st at 9:00 am. You can give her this one and similar reminder notes at any hour, day or month and she’ll politely do the job without a naggy whine.  When you’re out on a job site and you don’t have pen and paper, you have Siri. Tell her to remind you about such and such at a time that you will be able to act upon the reminder. Convenience at the core of a business day and a way to save on paper or the frustration of losing it. As I get older, reminding myself little things via Siri when I use to depend on all my post-it notes is so much more convenient and efficient. Who knew you could carry your virtual assistant in your back pocket? Short of making coffee, she’s pretty handy.

Calendar Scheduling: Ask Siri to set up an appointment with Joe Blow tomorrow at noon and she may politely tell you that your schedule is full and you are unavailable or give you the option to cancel current appointments scheduled and make a new one with a smile on her face instead of a smirk. I will take Siri to lunch for that little invention! You also can ask her ‘what appointments are scheduled for today’ and she will display your calendar of events. Ask her to read them and she will oblige.

Alarms: Instead of depending on your electric clock and the old fashion way to wake up with the chickens, you might ask Siri to whisper to you for a wakeup call. Just keep her charged and she can do her job.

Tour Guide: So you’re out going to an appointment and you have the urge for a Starbucks coffee. Ask her ‘where is the closest Starbucks?’ and she will bring up a map with pin and advise you on how close it is to your proximity. What she doesn’t do yet is tell you what isle the catsup is on when you’re in a hurry at the grocery store. I’ll buy her dinner too if she can produce that tidbit.

So while I’m here to offer help for all your administrative needs, Siri can be an extension of me and meet some of your immediate administrative needs with a little tap. To wake Siri up, just press and hold the home button. A microphone icon will pop up and a wave indicating Siri is listening. Speak to Siri and she will respond with respect and a little wit from time to time.