landscape blogs


You’ve just received the link to your brand new website. But you have a landscape blog page waiting empty. The web designer says you need a blog posting 2-4 times a month to keep your content fresh and optimized. Now you’re thinking, I just wrote all this content for my website; what do I need to keep Google coming to the party every month? 

Landscape Blogs & Keywords—

When writing landscape blogs, keyword research starts first. Keyword search tools are available on the internet to use in finding phrases or what’s called ‘long-tail keywords.’ Choosing the less competitive keywords-landscape blogskeyword phrases can be utilized to signal search engines to bring the blog to the forefront. For instance, when a client searches on Google, Bing or YouTube, most will type in a phrase that includes the keyword. That’s why ‘longtail keywords’ hone in closer to the target.

Content for Writing Landscape Blogs—

Writing content for landscape blogs will vary on topics but be consistent on a timely basis to signal to Search Engines that fresh content is available. Topics can vary depending on the season of the year and the services offered by the landscape company. Consider ‘how-to’ blogs or comparison blogs on this versus that topic (i.e. Best Practices for Cleaning up the Landscape; The pros and cons of pine straw vs. pine mulch). Keep in mind your avatar (who will be reading it and their likes, dislikes, education level, gender, etc.) and write with them in mind.

Landscape Blogs Build Authority—

When a client searches for a keyword phrase and lands on your website, the content must project your authority on the subject. The more topics discussed, the more influence you display and, therefore, build authority on that subject. It’s an avenue in which you can show your experience and expertise on that subject and assure your client that you know what you’re doing.

Writing landscape blogs is part of the overall marketing that will keep your website rising to the top of the search engine results page. You can track your hits by looking into the dashboard of the site and researching how many people have clicked on the blog page. Google analytics can go further by displaying how long on average a viewer stayed on the website.  Other pertinent information for marketing purposes is available to get to know your avatar.
If you are having a hard time writing consistent landscape blogs for the landscaping website and need help, give me a call today, and we can discuss packages to get started.