Landscape blogs

Writing landscape blogs is one of the marketing tools green entrepreneurs are using now but what is it? I had that question posed to me yesterday. My answer? It’s a marketing tool for your business. In order to make it a marketing tool, there are some essential elements that need to be included in landscape blogs to make them successful. With every successful marketing plan, it takes time and thought to launch. Let’s examine the steps to take before you put the ink on the website.

Topics for Landscape Blogs–

What are people searching and what do they want to know from you? Whether you know it or not, you are a wealth of information. Sharing your information will help others in their search. You probably could write a book about the experiences you’ve come across and some of that will be handy in your writing. List topics to discuss that might get asked on a continual basis or seasonally. Topics for landscape blogs might include your services, scenarios or case studies that give clients an idea of the situations that have been solved or installed. Peruse your competition’s website and write ideas that coincide with your service offerings. Read current magazines in the landscape industry and get topics from their content. Old and new homeowners are always wanting to upgrade, remodel or educate themselves on the latest and greatest. Your content should be there to give them support.

landscape blogs-SEOKeyword Search for Landscape blogs—

Once you have secured your topic, choose a search engine and type in that topic. Google will give you several keyword phrases as you’re typing until you find the one targeted. Use keyword tools or Google ad planner to help with a keyword search. Keywords will signal to search engines that your landscape blog is related to this subject. The freshest content wins and the number of times the keywords were present. Keywords should be in the blog content, the title header, the sub-headers, etc. Keywords should be inserted into photographs that are used on the blog. Instead of having a photo file named ‘231987.jpg’, change the name of the file to the keywords used in the landscape blog. All of the keywords add up and give search engines the information to find your content and bring it to the top of the search engine page.

Write for Readership–

When writing, write like you would be talking and don’t overuse the word in an unnatural way. Remember, you are writing for a person, not a machine. Once the search engine finds the content and holds it up on the results page, a potential client is reading it. The information should be relevant, fresh, accurate and informative without being dull and dry. It’s your first impression to the potential client so make it relevant to their needs and answer their questions.

If blogging still has you baffled and you’d like some help coming up with topics and searching for those tedious keywords, contact me now and we can discuss content, strategy and pricing to fit your budget.