Garden Seating Ideas

Garden seating can be nonexistent in most home gardens and often overlooked. However, garden seating gives various attributes to a gardener’s palette of design. For example, you’ve heard the phrase, “Stop and smell the roses,” but why not “Sit and smell the roses?” Gardeners work endless hours in the garden without taking a break to sit and enjoy the creation. I’m speaking from experience, of course. Being task-oriented, I am always on a mission to plant, pull weeds or inspect the garden. Very seldom do I sit and take in the scenery until lately.

Unexpected Garden Seating Colors

The best garden seating is the unexpected kind for me…almost as if it is a surprise when you come upon it. For instance, these three mauve color painted chairs were an unexpected color. Everyone knows to use odd numbers in design, so why not add it to the seating area as well? Here, the backdrop of the flowering hosta mirrored the colors in the chairs. The two entities complement each other here. The unusual color of the chairs beckons the wanderer to stop, draw closer to the area, and admire the view. Hopefully, you will sit awhile with an ice-cold glass of lemonade in hand. Draw some inspiration from your plant blooms and make your sitting area. Try the odd number game and add an extra chair.

Create a Secret Hideaway in the Garden

Garden seating can offer a secret hideaway under a grand arbor. This stop-off can also lead from one section of the landscape to another. The darkened path can make it more enticing to rest and relax from the daily chores. Create an area that is hidden to give necessary privacy for conversation. The visitor might stay longer, soak in a fragrance whiff or enjoy a celebrated view. When designing the perfect spot, add to the enjoyment by taking in all the garden views. Carve out a place that you can enjoy and add privacy.

garden seating with arbor-landscape design-Hendersonville-landscape designerJPG

Create a ceiling around your outdoor garden seating by moving chairs closer to the canopy of a tree. This area will give you seclusion and respite from the sun’s rays on a hot afternoon. Here, the chairs are olive green to merge with the background bamboo. This vignette blends in with the surroundings, yet there is a little pop of color from the garden container separating the two chairs.

garden seating chairs-landscape designer in Hendersonville

Mixed Garden Seating on the Patio

Wrought iron seating is often seen in formal gardens or in Victorian homes, bringing back a day’s gone by era. Mostly to look at, it reflects the garden style and serves as a focal point to draw visitors and guests out to the garden. This pretty vignette completes the area around the container garden.

Here, the garden retaining wall can also serve for overflow seating. It is the right size for little folk looking for a temporary place to lounge for a moment.

wrought iron chairs-garden seating

Merging out of nowhere can be a seating surprise along a stone retaining wall. With a few extra stones strategically placed, you can have an interesting focal point. And rest along the wandering moss path in a shade garden. While you may have to sit between the posies, the offer is polite and gives a smile to anyone who wanders by.

stone wall seating-garden seating-landscape designer-Henderson County-Hendersonville

Before climbing a flight of stairs, you might want to rest first. Here is a stopping place to stop; turn around and see where you’ve been. This wooden bench gave me a place to review my progress and to stay and enjoy the bird bath. Create a backdrop of evergreens. Then, place several colorful flowers and groundcovers around your seating area. Every gardener needs a place in the garden to plan, oversee and rest. This garden bench is my spot.

wooden bench-gardens

Art in the garden can take the form of garden seating too. Paint your chairs a bright color. Add stenciling motifs and place it strategically to accent an area that might not have any big draw to it. Yes, the tree will draw people for the shade so why not give them a place to enjoy it.

art in the garden-purple chairs-garden seating

If you need help getting inspired with your garden seating, call me. We can walk through your garden, take in the view and choose the perfect spot for your next seating vignette.