email newsletter campaign

Several times a month I compose email newsletters for my clients. Each one is custom made for that particular client. Preparing and compiling the information you’ll need starts with some preparation. I’ll go over generalities in this blog to give ideas on how to plan your newsletter campaign. This will give a better idea on how to layout a long term course of action and have a system in place to work around.

To begin, an outline of topics in six month increments is written down so repetition is avoided and important topics aren’t missed.  Coordinate the topics with the season and by month. Reading trending white papers to keep a fresh outlook on topics readers are interested in learning about is advantageous. What particular services are being highlighted each month? Work those into the copy.  Subscribe to the county/parishemail newsletter campaign extension service in your area to also get a better understanding of what’s trending in that part of the country. After setting the plan up, research, gather information and write about these specific details. Often times, something that is highlighted in the email newsletter will be expounded upon in the website blog. Repurpose the information and remember to use SEO keywords on the web post.

Assembly of information to be included each month would be the logo, contact information, complete list of services, company mission statement, social media links, the company warranties, company slogans and USP. These all can be uploaded into an email marketing company’s online portal and set up in a template to use each month.

Preparing a newsletter each month can be a daunting task without a plan. Keep it simple and use this plan and you will find the process goes smoother. If you need help launching your next newsletter campaign, contact me and we can discuss options for email campaigns and repurposing into your website blog.