How to Answer the Business Phone

The best ways to answer the business phone should be as calculated as the marketing plan. It’s the first thing a client hears when the business phone is answered and gives a definite impression of the company. Most people like reaching a ‘live’ person. If there are different departments, then it’s more efficient to give the client options. Regardless, the messages they receive when making those options are essential too.

Voice messages

Let’s look at how to answer the business phone ‘live’ and how to automate your voice messages for optimum service to your clients.

Calling a company and getting someone ‘live’ on the phone immediately is a pleasant surprise. While they might be ‘alive’ on the other end, for some, they sound ‘not so happy to be there.’ Give directions to your staff when answering the phone. They should be able to:

  • Answer with a happy demeanor and a clear voice
  • Qualify the clients
  • Give clients answers and clear definition of what your company offers in services.
  • Be a company cheerleader knowing the assets of the company
  • Sales trained and oriented to customer service

A simple response for answering the phone within departments is:

“Hi, this is Debbie, how can I help you?

A response for the main line coming into the company:       How to Answer the Business Phone

“Hi, you’ve reached Offshoot Virtual Landscape Services! This is Debbie, how can I help you?” [With an expression that’s emphasized with excitement that the client has called and you are ready to help!]

If a ‘live’ person isn’t answering the phone, voicemail is one option. Setting up the voicemail greeting for the company across all phone lines should coordinate together for unified marketing and branding. Also, having a policy in place to listen and respond to voicemails within a certain amount of time is prudent for great customer service. No one wants to hear ‘This mailbox is full’ with no way to leaving a message.

A voicemail response for the company:

“Hi, You’ve reached The Green Lawn Company, winner of the 2014 Super Service Award or a marketing USP (unique selling proposition)! We are anxious to greet you in person and would love to have your contact information so please leave your name, phone and email and we will contact you within 24 hours. We hope you have ‘lots of green in your horizons!’

A voicemail response for an individual in the company:

“Hi, You’ve reached Adam Green, President of The Green Lawn Company, winner of the 2014 Super Service Award! I would love to speak with you in person. Please leave me your contact information including your name, phone and email and I will contact you within 24 hours. And as always, I hope you have ‘lots of green in your horizons!”

Phone messages and greetings are a great way to develop and reiterate your brand and marketing. Putting it into practice takes some organization and effort. If you need help coming up with this and other tedious organizational tasks, give me a call and we can discuss all the options available to you.