business signature


Do you have a business signature that people can readily identify? Does it portrait your brand and marketing information in it? Do you make it easy for your client’s to reach you? Use a business signature that identifies you, your brand, and various ways to communicate with you.  Adding social media channels and other various links will make you stand out in the crowd.

Business Signatures Represent your Brand

Since I work with several clients and their clients throughout the month, I often am asked to represent them in customer service tasks. This requires email communications. To assure that I represent the brand that I’m email toolsservicing, I like to use personalized signatures with their logo and marketing information in it. I’ve found an excellent source that lets me do this all in one place.

Business Signatures are a Marketing Tool

Wisestamp is my go to place for using a business signature to give out vital contact information that includes social media. It’s clean, distinct style is classy, informative and gives a chance to leave a lasting impression. The cost is $50 a year for unlimited signatures.  I currently have four business signatures that I use and can always use more. It’s easy to start, and they offer a free version with one signature to try. Just upload your photo or logo and fill in the blanks from there. They even give the option to link social media channels with small icons under your information. With the paid version, your trailer to your blog or any other marketing piece can be added at the bottom.

Business Signatures Leave a Lasting Impression

With every new client I sign up, they always ask about my business signature. It’s that noticeable. And they always want one for themselves. So if that’s the case, how many clients are eyeing your signature business signatureand what are they deducing from it? Are you easy to reach, approachable with great business sense? Use this tool in making you and your brand stand out from the others. Building your brand starts with the first contact and thereafter. And how many emails do you send out in one month? If you’re like me, quite a few. So each time you send an email, remember, you’re sending ‘a story about yourself’ that will make them doubt you or trust you. With a great business signature that toots all your vital information, it makes it easier for clients to reach you. Make yourself accessible. 

For an inside tour of Wisestamp and how to set up your signature, click here.