New Year's


Virtual Assistants do a number of things and sometimes I feel like a magician or circus juggler with all the variety that comes across my desk. Monotonous would not be an adjective in my vocabulary for this virtual assistant business!

Yesterday and today I’ve been doing some New Year’s resolution “spring cleaning”. One of my goals this month is to clean up files on my computers, then back up everything to the iCloud to be accessible between all my Apple devices and Windows laptop. I have an external hard drive but two places are better for peace of mind. With iCloud, you have to deliberately backup and import your file into iCloud. That’s not something I do on the fly. Actually, opening up the iCloud and exporting documents into it is sort of a hassle but in the long run, they are accessible anywhere you sign onto the Internet. And if I decide to edit a file it syncs to all other devices! Now that’s way cool! The great part is I get 5 GB of free storage. After that the price varies.  icloud storage-virtual assistant

Going through each file takes time and is somewhat tedious but I have cleared out a lot of space and now it will be more organized. If you are looking for a backup, I also recommend an external hard drive. Recently my new iMac updated while I was sleeping and the new update didn’t agree with the old update and it all crashed. I was so happy my iMac man talked me into an external hard drive. I spent most of my Saturday calling Apple and getting the issue resolved and my computer files back up and running. Whew! That was close. But what if your hard drive is destroyed somehow? That’s something everyone should consider. How will you recover and how much will it cost you? How much are you willing to pay for the recovery?

Keep it simple and set yourself up for any possible technical failures. With my new iCloud account, it keeps it convenient as well as safe! It’s like having a virtual assistant in the cyberspace keeping things in order and available for me! Checking off my “Resolutions for 2015” just got smarter!