client reviews

So you have done a great job and have the reviews to prove it. What next? Take advantage of the kudos and use it in your marketing campaigns. Here are a few ideas.

#1. Success stories

Once you have captured reviews, collect them and pick out the most favored ones to use in case studies. Write a story about the client and the project performed or installed by your company. Include in the bio any problems you encountered and how you solved them with the cooperation of the homeowner. Chose at least three scenarios of work/service that you offer in different parts of town to highlight each one with quality photos. Highlight these case studies on your website, blog and/or e-newsletters. The “real-deal” is what people want to read and how you accomplished the task along with the testimony of the client. That speaks volumes and will generate more leads and quality reviews for your business.

#2. Make a video review

Some people are just camera hogs and want all the attention. Give them opportunity and they will put on their best face. When you find that client, use it to your advantage and film them. Prompt them with questions such as 1) What were the issues surrounding this project that prompted you to call our company? 2) What did you have done in your landscape? 3) How did we handle the job and meet your expectations? Keep the video to 2-3 minutes at maximum, which will involve a good editor. Practice ahead of time and give your client a heads up on what questions you will ask. Give them guidance on being brief but effective with their time. You may have someone to hold the camera while you get in the video to guide the conversation. Post on YouTube (which Google owns and let SEO begin).

#3. Use excerpts

Sometimes you get those once-in-a-lifetime quotes that you can’t let sit idle. Use them in your marketing campaigns. Post them or links to the reviews on your website, social media, print materials and e-newsletters to verify your credibility and illustrate how your products and services solves problems and improves daily living from the client’s perspective.

Notes: after acquiring permission from the client to use their testimonial use only their first name and last initial to protect their privacy along with the town they live in.

i.e.   <Jane D., Asheville, NC>

Mining for gold is easy when you have great reviews from your clients. That’s why follow up is key after the sale!