Setting up a monthly plan for marketing your business will propel it forward. Making a marketing plan, including social media, is prudent to inform your clients of your services. While you make sizable investments in paid advertising, don’t forget the sites that are free to enhance your online business presence. Take advantage of these online sites by posting photos and descriptions of your work and linking to your website. These sites provide a great online portfolio that people can access locally and nationwide.

For instance, Pinterest has over 100 million users that are looking for visuals and sources all the time. Pinterest is set up through ‘Boards’. These boards are a collection of photos with virtual assistant-landscaper-Pinterestdescriptions. Viewers can ‘like’ and comment on the photos and then repin to their favorite boards they’ve created (which spreads the love). The idea is to keep the photo or ‘pin’ going. The more ‘likes’ and ‘pins’, the more popular it becomes, and hopefully, this will lead back to your website and a potential client that finds you. So how do you apply this to your landscape company’s marketing plan? What kind of boards does a landscaper create? Here are a few ideas:

  • A landscaper might create a Pinterest board with all the company’s available options for trees, shrubs, or perennials. Create a Pinterest board labeled ‘Favorite Perennials’ and showcase a variety of available perennials that the company provides or installs. You can repin photos online or upload your collection, so it’s visible and explanatory in one place.
  • Another board could display the projects created by the company and a description of each photo. A business account lets you attach the business website to the pin (the photo(s) you have organized on your board).Perennials-virtual assistant-Pinterest
  • Create boards for your clients if you are putting together a proposal to show them. It’s a great way to give them an idea of the plants’ appearance without hauling around books and pictures. The ‘pinner’ (the one collecting the photos online can then send the ‘boards’ link to the client. (The client must have a Pinterest account to view.)

This is just an overview of how Pinterest can work for your business to deliver brand recognition, point back to your website, increase your SEO, and provide a place where your clients can view your projects. If you need help assembling a Pinterest presence for your company, call me, and we’ll talk more about your social media presence and how I can help.