How can virtual assistant services support your landscape, lawn, or irrigation business? If you want to learn how to grow your business, use a landscape industry virtual assistant. Here are a few tasks I offer that can help you achieve your goals.

Virtual Assistant Services Support for the Landscape Industry 

Horticulture & Safety Training Packages

Are you struggling with a way to train your employees on plant identification, best horticulture practices, and safety training? Visuals can be prepared for your team to help identify plants, weeds, or diseases. We all know how expensive training can be to purchase or prepare. Why not have a ready-to-use presentation on horticulture and safety training to guide staff and newcomers as they get hired? Presentations on a deck, Prezi, or Google Slides, are a great way and easily accessible for valuable training. Listening guides and fact sheets can also be available to reiterate learning Prezi presentation for Landscaper trainingfurther. Review questions will be a part of each training presentation. A landscape industry virtual assistant will help solve these issues for your staff. The results for your business are more knowledgeable staff using proper and safer techniques to work out in the field. There’s less chance someone gets hurt or they pull up the wrong plant, mistaking it for a weed! Workman’s compensation rates are lower when safety protocols are in place!


Get Your Landscaper Estimates Done Fast 

Plant takeoffs can be a long, tedious process. A landscape company virtual assistant will understand horticultural names. Trained virtual assistant services support in the landscape industry will know the difference between a ‘Betula nigra and an Echinacea.’ This service will turn the bid out faster so you can move to the next phase of the process. 

Most landscape industry leaders complain that estimating takes time and is always behind. The more time it takes to get a proposal to a lead lessens your chance of winning it. Delivering it timely is essential. For example, a virtual landscaping assistant can help put estimates into QuickBooks Online, designated CRMs, or excel spreadsheets. Preparing templates/forms can turn those proposals around faster and win bids. The results are an actual increase in your sales! 

Keep Safety Data Sheets Available for Employees

Assembled Safety Data Sheets can keep you compliant with OSHA rules and maintain your employee’s safety. These documents are correctly cataloged and accessible in your fleets and shops. Many offices allow this OSHA requirement to slip by and be put on the back burner. A virtual assistant for landscapers can research, print, and assemble Safety Data Sheets for your lawn care, landscaping, or irrigation business. SDSs are required by law if you carry any chemicals around in vehicles or use them on properties. These are used in case of an emergency or for EMS to facilitate first aid. You can rest assured that your employees and staff have the correct information in case of an accident. 

Hiring and Onboarding for Your Landscape Industry Business

Specialized landscaper virtual assistant packages also include an understanding and experience in Human Resources. I can write job descriptions, post ads, vet candidates, and help with employee onboarding processes. Facilitating criminal background checks is a process, and I have experience setting these up. Hence, the process will run smoothly and give you peace of mind with each new hire. Employee training manuals and handbooks are valuable assets to any company to help with onboarding and system control. These administrative tasks take extra time and bog most landscape industry managers down. These virtual assistant services will give you a smoother-running company to progress and develop your business.

Landscaping Virtual Assistant Marketing Services

Sometimes you don’t know where to begin or how to market your business. Experienced virtual assistant services support for lawn care, landscaper, and irrigation specialists will create a marketing campaign calendar. A virtual assistant will help you identify where your leads hang out on social platforms and how to facilitate more clients through e-newsletters and getting found on search engines. They can add value through blogging with SEO horticulture-driven keywords. Services like these take enormous pressure off the business entrepreneur while growing the company, and the results are measurable and worth it. 


Consistent Social Media Campaigns to Promote Business

How many times have you started your social media campaign only to run out of ideas or can’t find the time to facilitate it? A landscaping virtual assistant service can prepare, design, and promote a consistent marketing campaign that coincides with the other platforms that you engage in. Setting up social media with your brand and logo can also be a part of the virtual assistant service package. Ask me for details. 

Add Photos to Your Website, Social Media & Google Business 

Are you behind on getting updated photographs to your website, social media, and GMB pages? Well, fret no more; help is on the way! Adding this content will inform your clients. And trigger them to see something they want to purchase for their properties, thus giving you more business. Adding information for potential clients can increase traffic to your website and platforms. For example, adding specific keywords for your landscape business ranks on different platforms helps you get noticed.


Print Materials and Mail Lists for Landscape Business

Need a print ad created, flyers to distribute, postcards, brochures, and business cards to hand out when visiting a new client? Want to distribute these print materials with a mailing list curated for your specific leads? Or curate new ones in your area? I’ve been there, done that, and can help with this service too.


Content Creation for your Landscape Industry Website

So, I’m guessing you don’t like to write essays or even prepare content for your website. Most don’t feel skilled in this area and are apprehensive about grammatical errors and wording. Others don’t want to sit in front of a computer long enough to churn out content. A virtual assistant service package specializing in the horticulture industry knows the business. A VA that understands SEO and content writing and what search engines are looking for can prepare copy for your website. Most pages need at least 1000-2500 words to engage the reader. Content has to be relative and answer people’s questions. A well-chosen virtual assistant for landscapers will deliver the information and content you need. In turn, this brings people to your website to contract your services. 

Generate Feedback and Reviews for Landscapers & Lawn Care Leaders

Have you ever been frustrated with the lack of good reviews on search engines or home service networks? Use a VA to gather feedback and reviews. Setting up home service networks (Angie’s List, Home Advisor, or Houzz) can help secure these reviews and get mentioned online in your area. A functional review-capturing system will reap social authority and approval. It’s an easy form of free advertising because others do the job for you! Those reviews are gold for your business and can generate more business in search engine results. Statistics prove that 91% of buyers look for social proof before purchasing. Get those five-star reviews rolling in quickly! 

Special Projects-Get Help!

Documentation of Business Systems

You can also hire a virtual assistant to facilitate documenting business systems. A business partner was retiring in his landscape business. He did all the operations side of the company and wanted it written before he exited. They were hiring someone to replace him to take over operations and wanted to create a smooth transition for a new Operations Manager. He used my virtual assistant services to facilitate. He assembled a list of all he did daily. I interviewed him from this list and recorded and then transcribed his job into an organized and cohesive training manual for his operations. This one project compiled years of expertise and education to help avoid a breakdown in the whole functioning of the business. It made a smooth transition for a new Operations Manager. After several years, the thriving landscape business documentation still pays off as new employees transition. 

Customer Relationship Support is crucial and will be the ultimate relationship to guarantee that your business grows. Making that first contact, whether answering the phone the first time it rings to qualifying clients/receiving intake, will make an impression. If you miss that first initial call, the lead goes on to the next person on the list. Many owners have no system to get all the information necessary to prepare the estimate and vet the lead. Instead, hire a virtual assistant to answer questions/emails and return calls, build trust, and start a line of communication for your leads and customers. Customer support gives the owner more time to facilitate other operations throughout the company to keep the business growing while not missing a single customer. 


Hire a Virtual Assistant Services Support for My Business

If I didn’t name a project you’ve thought of you need help with, ask me. I’m available as an “offshoot” of your business and thrive on helping businesses like yours grow! I work with clients from the west to the east coast in various capacities. I work with lawn care, landscapers, green industry entrepreneurs, architects, and business consultants.  

Working with a virtual assistant is much more economical than hiring a full-time employee. Check out the benefits here. Call me to discuss the different aspects of your business and where you need help! I make custom packages to fit within a monthly budget for each client. I’m available full-time, but you only pay for part-time services! Let’s start today and get some of that work off your plate! You’ll breathe easier at night knowing those tasks generate productive results for your green industry business!