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If clients find a business, they will usually go to a local search engine to start.  How do you attract those clients with website SEO online?  Through organic search results!  It is the most popular way the search engines lead the client to your website.  To get good results, ensure your website SEO strategy is set up with these simple tips!

How Do The Clients Find Your Website?

Direct, Paid and Organic Search Results

Clients find your business in many ways online. One is through direct visits. You may have given someone your business card, and they type your direct website into the search tab.

Paid search results are the ads at the top of the page that pop up when you type in a search. A business can buy keywords that will register with their business. These clicks come at a cost. Each click whether they convert or not cost money. The range in price depends on the competition on the click or keyword. Even more astonishing is only 6% (according to Neilson) click on paid searches, which brings me to the organic search. Organic clicks get an overwhelming 94% of the vote because they are more trusted. Uh huh. So, save the money in your pocket and go organic until you have bags of money to invest in your venture.

Inbound SEO Website Links

A referral visit is when you have friends in high places that have linked your website with theirs. This type of visit will hopefully lead to a sale. You can request these inbound links through business associates.

Of course, there is always the social sites. Take advantage of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Houzz, etc. These social sites allow you to link your website with their platform. These sites bring in visitors to the website and point them to your business. These are all free to take advantage of and get the benefits of some easy publicity.

The Checklist to Improve Website SEO Online

  1. Is your website mobile friendly? If you haven’t a clue, look at it on several different devices. Does it pop up quickly and a breeze to navigate from a smartphone or tablet? If not, you might need to upgrade to a mobile-friendly version. Ask me for details and pricing on this; it’s not as bad as you think.
  2. Do you have premium content on each page with essential keywords? What competitive keywords are they searching to find your small business? Make a list of keywords that would be used for your business and do a keyword search online. Your numbered results should be under 100,000 searches so you can compete in your local area. Look for those keywords and make a list to use on each service page of your website. If you perform lots of different services, have a page for each of those services. Then, use the prime keywords for each page.
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These are the keywords searched as a sample. The numbers indicate the competition for these particular keywords. Staying below 100,000 is your best bet.

  1. Study the competition. Look at your five best competitors and see what they’re doing on their website. How many pages do they have and what is ranking at the top of the page in the search results for them? Is there content trustworthy? Do they have a lot to say about their subject? What keywords are in their meta-description? What service page is bringing up the results? Make notes, and that will give you a better clue on how to outrank them soon!

    Website SEO Basics: Relevant Content

  2. Are you adding informative, relevant content each month to your website? When people start reading, and you will rank in the organic search category. Also, add pictures to the gallery pages to help increase search engine visibility as well.

5.  For website SEO optimization tips your keywords should be in:

  • the URL search bar
  • page title
  • meta description
  • the primary headline
  • body content
  • the pictures

Algorithm bots don’t see pictures. They read photos with the image name and the ALT tags set up in the ‘behind the scenes’ back work of your website. Don’t get lazy and forget to add the keywords here too. The website SEO basics can be amplified here by making these simple, easy adjustments. You will soon have your small business swimming to the top of the surf party!

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Google My Business

6.  Is the name of the company, address and phone number on each page or in the footer? Make sure it’s visible and accessible to find for a client. The consistency helps local search results to rank higher. Place this info in the footer, header and a highlighted location on the website. Like the Contact Us page, these extra steps help those algorithm bots to lead them to your door.

  1. Inbound links to your website can come from directory listings. As stated previously, social media accounts can also point to you. Make sure that each directory (i.e., Bing, Google, Yelp) is duplicating accurate data across all channels. Go to the top search engine websites and type in the business name. Is it consistent information at every venue? If you can’t be found in Google, sign up with Google My Business to get started. Google My Business is where you can verify the business information. Also, manage reviews, show up on Google maps and local paths. Add photos depicting the business with those same essential keywords on the jpg file. In conclusion, all these tips will help the website SEO search results.

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    Google My Business is where you can verify the business information and manage reviews, show up on Google maps and local search paths.

  2. Internal SEO website links help too. It keeps the reader on your site longer. If you have a keyword that links to another blog, add the link. Have it point to the next article you want them to read for more about the home and garden services you offer.

    Generate Business Reviews

  3. How many reviews do you have on these directories? The more reviews, the better your website will rank also. Google and the other directory lists want to show your site as a trustworthy source.  With positive reviews, your company will rise to the top and get you noticed. Find out more about how to generate reviews from satisfied clients here.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    seo service-Google maps-local search
  4. Have you looked in your Google search console for what keywords are bringing guests to your site? If not, sign in. Click here and sign in with your Gmail account. You’ll be able to see the results of what pages and keywords people are searching to find your website. That is if you have google analytics set up! Don’t forget the basics! In conclusion, all these ideas will help you aim for the ‘3 Pack’ or the local search details that contain three local businesses.  And with a few tweaks to your website SEO strategy, you will be ranking higher. If I can help in this area or other services for your business, contact me today to get you to the top of the list!

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